Watch the Ford Focus Electric Roll Down the Assembly Line

By · January 05, 2012

With a handful of 2012 Ford Focus Electric sales officially logged in December, 2011, Ford's $39,995 electric hatchback has finally entered the plug-in vehicle scene. Whether or not Ford's choice to convert an existing vehicle—the gasoline-powered 2012 Ford Focus—will make sense in the long run remains to be scene. Regardless, the Blue Oval automaker is playing up its use of existing US assembly lines to produce the the Focus Electric.

Simplified production is key to keeping costs in check on the Focus Electric, according to Ford. All of the electrified Focus compacts roll down the assembly lines at Ford's Wayne, Mich. factory and only a handful of production steps differ from those of the Focus Electric's conventional, gas-fueled counterpart.

The Focus Electric gets a modified floorpan stamping to accommodate the electric vehicle components and a lithium-ion battery pack is placed where gasoline tanks are installed on conventional Focuses. The electric motor and its associated components are installed in place of the gasoline engine and its accessories and orange wiring is threaded throughout the vehicle.

Check out the video for a tour of how the 2012 Ford Focus Electric comes to life.

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