Want to Know How the Volt Works? Chevrolet Releases Series of Educational Videos

By · October 05, 2010

Chevy Volt

In order to prepare future Volt owners to operate their brand new cutting edge vehicle, Chevrolet has released a series of videos explaining everything from how to judge long-term fuel economy to how to charge the battery.

How to Start the Volt

Don't laugh, you wouldn't believe how many people get into a Prius for the first time and sit there befuddled until somebody in the know takes pity on them or they run crying from the vehicle.

The Leaf Button

Can't make up your mind between the Chevy Volt or the Nissan LEAF... don't worry, Chevy built in a button for that one. Now, in one simple push you can jettison the Volt's engine and exhaust system, leaving a trail of twisted metal on the road behind you (Bonus: don't like that tailgater following so close anymore? You now have a deterrent.)

Well... err, no... in actuality the leaf button on the Volt is for getting all the latest stats on what kind of economy your Volt is returning over timeā€”but I do wonder what Nissan thinks about its naming.

Driver Information Center and Configurable Cluster Displays

Together these items are a fancy replacement for the standard instrument cluster.

Climate and Audio System Operation

Rather straighforward... except that the the audio system has the ability to pause and rewind live radio and the buttons for the climate system can't really be operated with gloves on.

Charging the Volt

The longest of the videos, this will explicitly walk you through everything from the Volt's battery warranty to how to set up time of day/off-peak charging.

Using the Mobile Phone App for the Volt

How to control many aspects of your Volt, including charging, over the internet.

So there you go, a pretty comprehensive video tour of the Volt. After watching all of those, I feel like I could pretty much jump in and get going.

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