VW Sets Price of All-Electric Golf at $36,265

By · August 25, 2014

2015 Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen today announced that the E-Golf, its first all-electric car, will be priced at $36,265 (including destination and delivery). The announcement sets the cost of the E-Golf in between the more affordable popular Nissan LEAF, which has a starting price of $29,800, and German luxury EVs—the BMW i3 and Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive—offered at $42,300 and $42,400 respectively.

These figures do not take a $7,500 federal tax credit, or a $2,500 rebate offered in California, into consideration.

The Nissan LEAF and VW E-Golf sell at nearly identical prices, that is, when you compare a fully loaded Nissan LEAF to the E-Golf's single trim option: the SEL premium. Standard features include LED lights, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, rearview camera, keyless access, heated front seats, automatic post-collision braking system, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

In its press release regarding pricing, Volkswagen said the E-Golf’s driving range is between 70 and 90 miles, depending on driving style and charging behavior. The E-Golf has a 24.2 kilowatt-hour battery pack, approximately the same size as the Nissan LEAF's battery.

The all-electric Golf comes standard with quick charging, employing the SAE Combined Charging System (CCS) that allows 80 percent battery charge within 30 minutes. There are currently fewer CCS quick charging stations than the locations using the CHAdeMO protocol that’s compatible with the Nissan LEAF. However, the number of stations equipped with CCS connectors is on the rise. (Check PlugShare.com, or the PlugShare app, and filter for "SAE Combo DCFC" to see the number of CCS stations in your region.)

Volkswagen also claimed that the E-Golf’s interior space, at 93.5 cubic feet, is the largest among compact EVs—without any loss of space compared with the gas-powered Golf. The cargo area has 22.8 cubic feet behind the rear seats, and 52.7 cubic feet with the seats folded down.

The e-Golf will go on sale in participating dealerships in select states in November 2014—although VW did not specify the markets.

Volkswagen also said that it would invest in clean energy to help offset carbon emissions for the production and distribution of the E-Golf, as well as for charging needed for about 36,000 miles of driving.

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