Volvo Reveals Progress with C30 Electric in New Videos

By · November 07, 2011

Most of the electric car fanfare this year has gone to a few companies, most notably Nissan, Chevy, Ford and Tesla. That’s because these companies have vehicles on sale today, or coming very soon. Meanwhile, many others are working on pilot projects that will produce real-world EVs in the next year or two. As if to remind us that it’s continuing its EV efforts, Volvo has just released a suite of 10 short documentary-style videos about the upcoming Volvo C30 Electric.

Here’s my pick of the three videos that offer the most helpful information—to better understand how Volvo is adapting an existing platform to carry an electric drive system; the design of its climate control system (including ethanol-powered cabin heating); and the company’s work on new software systems to integrate all of the C30 Electric’s functions. Please share your reviews of the videos in this Volvo C30 Electric mini film festival.

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