Video: Tesla's Model S In-The-Flesh, On the Road

By · January 18, 2011

2012 Tesla Model S

Tesla shows off an exploded frame of a Model S alpha at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

A couple of weeks ago Tesla released some engineering video walkthroughs of the Model S and announced that the company already has some "alpha" build prototypes on the road. But even though they were showing off the engineering and frame of the Model S at the Detroit Auto Show last week, the company didn't have any of those alpha prototypes on hand. Lest you start to think the company is blowing smoke, today they released a video of the Model S in action, driving on roads at speed.

Model S Alpha Hits the Road.

The video clearly illustrates how quiet the vehicle is, with the producers even going so far as to accentuate the road noise to make it more exciting in the absence of engine noise. I actually would have preferred it if they hadn't done that as I think one of the coolest things about EVs is their silence. One thing's for sure, the Model S is looking damn good.

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