Video: Nissan LEAF Charging Station Home Inspection in Detail

By · August 07, 2010

AeroVironment Nissan LEAF Home Charging Station

So you've put your $99 reservation money down on a Nissan LEAF and gotten your place in line. If you're like the majority of folks out there, the next step in the process is a visit from your local AeroVironment certified technician to make sure that a charging station can be installed and determine how much it's going to cost. To do that, you need to plunk down another $99.

What do you get for that extra $99? I figured that might be a question that many folks had, so, when AeroVironment decided to send out their technician to my place, I asked if they wouldn't mind my filming the whole process to illuminate the pre-installation home inspection for those of you that haven't yet gotten it, but are planning to at some point. I hope the resulting video is informative. My intent was to provide an inside look at how the process goes, as well as answers to questions such as warranty, rental/condo concerns, cable length, and safety.

AeroVironment conducts a home charging equipment pre-installation inspection for contributor, and future Nissan LEAF customer, Nick Chambers.

To AeroVironment, or Not to AeroVironment? That is The Question.

Of course, at this point we know that Nissan will be allowing people to use non-AeroVironment, SAE J-1772 compliant, Level 2 charging stations if they've already had them installed or want another company to do the installation (after all, there are now a plethora of home charging solutions available). Hell, Nissan has even said they'll let people buy a LEAF if they only want to charge from a standard 120V home outlet (also known as Level 1 charging). In both cases, you'll have to sign a form that says you understand the problems that can arise from trickle charging or using equipment that hasn't specifically been tested to work with the LEAF.

But I'm guessing that they vast majority of early LEAF purchasers will choose the path of least resistance and just go with the AeroVironment equipment and installation. Going that route gets you a 3-year warranty on the equipment and installation, the knowledge that your new charging equipment is guaranteed to work with the LEAF, as well as access to emergency equipment replacement if anything should go wrong. Plus, according to both Nissan and AeroVironment, you'll be able to roll the approximately $2,200 worth of installation and equipment costs into your LEAF lease or purchase.

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