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  • Cars I drive: 1998 hybrid, 1999 electric, 1996 diesel running on vegetable oil
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    I've been covering the green automotive scene in Europe since 1998. I started on the web with in 2002 and I have interest in all kind of green personal transportation. Of course, I'm a big fan of electric car technology (that's why I'm here!), but the electric car I own (an old Peugeot) is slow and underpowered, I don't drive it much.

    I'm waiting for an electric car which would be as good as the best ICE cars, and I've found it with the Nissan Leaf. For the first time, there's an EV on the market that I would be happy to drive everyday. Sadly, it's not yet available in France... Certified car fanatic, I change car every 6 months or so, always with cheap used cars, my latest toy being a 1999 Alfa Romeo 156 with a Selespeed transmission (sequential gearbox). I also have an old Jaguar that I bought with a broken engine with the crazy idea to convert it to electric propulsion, but right now I'm working on my RV (it's a small one, sized for Europe). It already has solar panels on the roof, I want to add a solar water heater.

    I live in France and Italy, and I travel quite a lot all around Europe. I started an English website last year, that's, and I will write here about the best electric cars Europe can build. It's a global village, and all car manufacturers are world players.

    Electric cars have an advantage over ICEs there, because there are different emission regulations around the world. This is what prevents many diesels that are hugely popular in Europe to sell in the US. Electric cars don't have this problem...

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