Toyota Discounts RAV4 EV by up to $7,500

By · December 19, 2012

Toyota RAV4 EV

Heavily discounted prices on the RAV4 EV are in effect until January 7, 2013, according to Toyota's website Though subject to limited availability (the RAV4 EV is only sold in California), potential Toyota RAV4 EV buyers who act fast can get in on Toyota's $5,000 cash back offer with 0 percent financing. In addition, Toyota is offering $2,500 in loyalty cash.

These discounts can be combined with the federal credit of $7,500 and any available state incentives. For example, in California, a RAV4 EV buyer who takes advantage of all of the available discounts ($7,500 federal credit, $2,500 state rebate, $5,000 Toyota cash back and $2,500 in loyalty cash), could purchase the all-electric crossover for as low as $32,300. That's a reduction of $17,500 off the RAV4 EV's base MSRP of $49,800.

Toyota RAV4 EV specs and price

Toyota hopes to sell 2,600 units over the next three years to satisfy CARB requirements and earn its needed ZEV credits. Sales of the RAV4 EV have averaged only 30 units per month. In order to sell 2,600 units over three years, Toyota will need to increase that monthly average to more than 70 units.

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