Third Generation Tesla Platform to Spawn Electric Sedan and Previously Undisclosed Crossover

By · June 15, 2012

Tesla chart

Tesla's thrid-generation platform will underpin both an electric sedan and a previously undisclosed crossover.

As the years pass, we get a clearer picture of Tesla's future third-generation electric vehicle, or should we say electric vehicles (plural).

During last week's Tesla Motors shareholders meeting, an all-too brief discussion of the automaker's third-generation of electric vehicles revealed that Tesla's third-generation platform will spawn two electric vehicle variants: a sedan and a crossover.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told shareholders that the automaker expects production of the GEN III platform to easily surpass the predicted production numbers for Tesla's second generation (Model S and Model X) electric vehicle platform. Additionally, Musk hinted that GEN III will be significantly cheaper than Tesla's second-generation electric vehicles. Some media outlets even say that the price reduction will be approximately 40 percent, but this number is speculative.

However, it's now clear that Tesla's future plans include two electric vehicles aimed at a more mainstream buyer. This pair of third-generation electric vehicles could undercut the price of the soon-to-launch Model S and put Tesla vehicles in competition with EVs from major car companies.

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