Tesla Video: Model S Will Be Best Sedan on the Planet

By · January 31, 2012

In a new promotional video released today by Tesla Motors, the company confirms that it will introduce the Model S electric sedan in 2012. Moreover, Tesla executives set the highest possible level of expectation by reiterating its claim that the Model S will be, “the best sedan on the planet.”

Those are the words of Franz Von Holzhausen, the vehicle’s chief designer. He’s not saying the best electric car, but the absolute best performance sedan available to consumers.

Von Holzhausen attributes his lofty claims to the unique architecture of the Model S. “There's no car out there designed around an electric powertrain, around a battery pack in the floor, and around the motor and the gearbox between the rear wheels,” said Von Holzhausen.

George Blankenship, Tesla’s vice-president of sales and ownership experience, also is unbridled in his praise of the Model S. “We are doing what people don’t think can be done with a car,” he said. “We’re taking something that’s been done the same way for 100 years—and we’re taking it 10, 20, 30 years into the future.”

Will the Model S live up to these promises? We should know later this year.

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