Southern California Edison Offers $450 to EV Drivers, Even Second Owners

By · May 23, 2017

Ron Nichols, president of Southern California Edison—and Maria Santillan-Beas, mayor of Lynwood, Calif.—plug in the city’s new EV.

Southern California Edison, which provides electricity to 14 million people, this week started offering a $450 reward to customers who drive plug-in vehicles. Utilities in California, and other states such as Georgia and Florida, have offered perks and special rates for years—but the new SCE incentive makes second and third owners of a vehicle eligible for the payment.

As the market for electric vehicle expands, it’s important to incentivize new waves of buyer who might be interested in less expensive used electric cars. To qualify for a payment, customers with an active SCE residential account submit an application through the Clean Fuel Rewards website.

“We hope that making second and third car owners eligible for a rebate will help stimulate the market for used electric vehicles,” said Laura Renger, SCE principal manager for Air and Climate Policy. “Not only will customers get a payment, they will also save because electricity is a low-cost fuel. Average fuel costs for an electric vehicle are 50 percent less than a car that runs on gasoline.”

Southern California Edison previously indicated that the average residential customer could see a monthly bill increase by about 53 cents a month, while PG&E customers might see a monthly increase of fewer than 28 cents. SCE also runs Charge Ready, a program to expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations by installing them at workplaces, apartments and condos and other areas where drivers park for extended periods.

Other utility-based incentive programs around the country include:

  • JEA, a utility company in northeastern Florida, offers a rebate of up to $1,000 for purchased or leased plug-in vehicles.
  • Georgia Power, the largest utility in the state, offers incentives to residential customers of $250 (and up to $500 for businesses) for installing certain types of EV chargers.
  • Kansas City Power and Light is installing 1,000 charging stations.

The expansion of incentives to second and third buyers of EVs will compliment these electric car programs, which are growing. In January, three of California’s largest utilities, including Southern California Edison, proposed spending more than $1 billion to try to electrify the state’s transportation sector. The goal for the utilities is to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Under California SB350, utilities are required to report how they plan to deploy clean energy resources. The utilities’ proposals are being vetted through regulatory processes.

There are about 300,000 zero-emissions vehicles in California, more than any other state.

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