Toyota RAV4 EV Not Compatible With Some Level 2 Charging Stations

By · November 05, 2012

RAV4 EV Leviton

Toyota's EVSE supplier for the RAV4 EV is Leviton. It seems that only some Level 2 chargers are fully compatible with Toyota's electric crossover.

Potential buyers and current owners beware: it seems the Toyota RAV4 EV may have some compatibility issues related to Level 2 (240 volt) charging.

The potential problem was reported just days ago, but the issue is already being addressed by Toyota. It seems that some owners of the 2012 RAV4 EV have complained of a "Check EV System" warning after attempting to charge their vehicle at a public charging station. If this warning appears, the vehicle does not charge.

There have been 108 sales of the RAV4 EV reported so far, with 48 sales in October. Toyota will manufacture only 2,600 RAV4 EVs over the course of the next three years.

Toyota is notifying dealers of the situation and has listed these chargers that as fully compatible with the RAV4 EV:

  • Leviton (exclusive EVSE supplier for the RAV4 EV) offers fully approved 16 amp, 30 amp and 40 amp charging stations.
  • Aerovironment: Level 2 EVSE-RS
  • Blink/Ecotality: Level 2 Charge Station
  • ChargePoint/Coulomb Technologies: CT2000 Series
  • Clipper Creek: CS Series
  • Eaton: EV Charging Station (residential)
  • Eaton: Pow-R-Station (commercial)
  • Schneider Electric: EVLink Indoor Charging Station (EV2430WS)

Toyota intends to test the functionality of additional charging stations to identify more units that are compatible with the RAV4 EV. For now, the manufacture recommends that owners of the electric crossover only use the chargers listed above.

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