Record Sales of Nissan LEAF Electric Car in May

By · June 03, 2014

Nissan LEAF

Nissan sold 3,117 units of its LEAF electric car in May. This was the best sales month ever for the LEAF.

“LEAF hit two major milestones in May with 50,000 total U.S. sales since launch and more than 3,100 total deliveries in a month,” said Toby Perry, marketing director and overseas program director, Nissan LEAF.

Year-to-date sales of the LEAF are now at 10,389. That’s 36% higher than the year-to-date sales mark from a year ago. Two years ago at this time, Nissan had only managed to sell 2,613 units through May.

Nissan characterized May sales numbers as a kind of tipping point. “LEAF is poised to take advantage of a market ripe for higher EV sales thanks to a great value proposition, an engaged base of owner-advocates, rapid increases in charging infrastructure in major markets across the country and new tax credits in Texas and other states,” said Perry.

Yet, it can be misleading to draw broad conclusions from any single month of sales. In August 2013, Volt sales scored the highest single month for any plug-in vehicle when 3,531 units were sold. However, in 2014, the Volt is averaging 1,360 sales. Sales of the Volt in May 2014 were 1,684 units.

For years, forecasters have said that plug-in hybrids would sell at much higher rates than pure electric cars. But, in light of strong EV sales, that viewpoint could shift.

The Volt, which has a back-up gasoline engine to extend range, surpassed 50,000 sales in October 2013, well ahead of LEAF. The race between the two leading battery-powered cars will become less important as more plug-in vehicles hit the market. The U.S. market now offers 17 plug-in cars, some of which are available only in select states.

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