Plug-in Cars News Roundup

By · November 02, 2012

SRI Buggy

SRI and EV West have teamed up to build a powerful all-electric Baja off-roader.

Each week, we try to bring you not just news but a range of insights relating to plug-ins. At the end of the week though, there are inevitably some stories left over that we think are important but didn't get a chance to cover. Here are a few that caught our eye from last week:

SRI EV1 Electric Off-Road Buggy

Earlier this week we came across video of the Strategic Recovery Institute’s EV1 electric Baja racer, which boasts performance approaching 500 horsepower and 750 ft-lb of torque. The off-road buggy carries a range of about 100 miles and a hot-swappable battery pack that recharges in about 5 hours. The powertrain for the vehicle comes from EV West, whose converted BMW M3 finished in fourth place earlier this year in the electric division at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.

Could Romney Really Kill the Electric Car?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has pledged to end federal aid and loans to electric carmakers if he wins next week’s election, but would that spell the end for EVs in the United States? A post yesterday at Torque News says the answer is no.

Home Wireless Charging Coming for the LEAF and Volt

Starting next year, home wireless charging installations will made available thanks to a partnership between Evatran and SPX Service Solutions. For about $3,500-$4,000, plug-in owners can get a charge receiver mounted to their vehicle and a floor transmitter installed in their garage, enabling plug-free powering with an efficiency of around 90 percent. Also this week, Nissan previewed its own wireless charging system, which includes an automatic parking feature to ensure that the car is optimally positioned to receive charge.

[Via NYTimes Wheels Blog]

Leno Takes a Spin in the Model S

Late night host and renowned gearhead Jay Leno posted a segment with the Tesla Model S on his web series, Jay’s Garage this week. Leno, who owns numerous electric vehicles uses a Chevy Volt for most of his daily driving, was very complementary of the car, proclaiming at the end of the video that “the problem of the electric car has been solved.”

[Via Green Car Reports]

A New Smart Highway Solution

At Dutch Design Week, designer Daan Roosegaarde debuted a smart highway concept that allows for wireless inductive charging of electric cars while in motion, and even includes a special paint that glows at night and reveals the presence of ice crystals on the road. According to Autoblog Green, the paint could make its way to highways in the Netherlands as soon as next year, though no timetable has yet been set for the wireless highway charging feature.

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