Placement of Quick Charge Stations Key to Eliminating Range Anxiety

By · April 04, 2013

Blink Charger

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The number of Quick Charge stations in the U.S. may not be nearly as important as where they're installed.

For example, consider the installation of a new Blink DC Quick Charger in Casa Grande, Arizona. The city of Casa Grande is relatively small, with only approximately 50,000 people calling it home. At first glance, it might not seem the most likely place for a Quick Charge station, but its location of halfway between Phoenix and Tuscon.

The distance between Phoenix and Tuscon is roughly 116 miles. That's too far for most electric vehicles to venture on a single charge. But, with a Quick Charge station placed at roughly the mid-point of this journey, most EVs can now make the trek between Arizona's two largest cities.

"This infrastructure is critical to get from Tucson to Phoenix," said Leisa Brug, director of the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy, who spoke at the opening of the station on Monday.

Location, Location, Location

The Blink DC Quick Charger in Casa Grande could encourage EV owners to make the journey between Tuscon and Phoenix, since they now know that a near-full recharge can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes, or in less time than its takes to eat some lunch or do some shopping. Other charging stations in the Case Grande area take several hours to full recharge an EV.

The Casa Grande is located at Chevron gas station and Discovery Market, off Interstate 10. "You can get a burrito at Nico's, or a pizza at Little Caesar's, or a soft drink," said Mike Mennenga, who owns the gas station. "We definitely have the full assortment of goodies to keep you busy for a little bit."

According to Fox Phoenix, a 15-minute charge costs about $10.

Blink Charger

The San Francisco Bay Area has about a dozen Quick Chargers, currently situated so that EV drivers can travel between the area's biggest cities—but none in the city of San Francisco itself. More Quick Chargers are on the way. (Source: Recargo)

So, it's not the number of quick charge stations installed in the U.S. that matters, but the strategic placement that will make electric vehicles appear more user-friendly and capable of occasionally making a road trip. This, in turn, could convince greater number of carbuyers that EVs are practical.

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