Report: Chevy and Renault Lead Plug-In Vehicle Charge

By · November 20, 2012

Pike pulse report grid

According to the latest Pike Pulse report, Chevrolet and Renault lead the plug-in vehicle segment thanks to high ratings in strategy and execution.

The latest report from Pike Research, “Pike Pulse Report: Plug-In Electric Vehicles,” rated automakers on 12 criteria for strategy and execution, including: vision, go-to market strategy, partners, product strategy and roadmap, geographic reach, market share, sales and marketing, product performance, product quality and reliability, pricing, product portfolio and staying power. Pike Research said Chevy and Renault lead a group of 16 automakers in the plug-in vehicle segment. Pike's study concluded that both Toyota and Nissan are strong contenders in the segment and that Ford is vying to move into one of the top spots.

Why are Chevy and Renault on top? According to the report, the Chevy Volt model has performed strongly, and the company has a mix of battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in forthcoming model years. In addition, Renault has successfully launched several Z.E.-branded vehicles, including the Fluence, Twizy, and Kangoo, proving that it has the ability to bring unique vehicles to market and find a niche.

“The early adopter market for PEVs is being driven largely by lower operating costs and the desire for zero emissions driving. These two key factors are not proving to be as effective as expected, though, and PEVs remain a small niche in the overall automobile market. For all of the manufacturers included in this Pike Pulse report, vehicle cost remains a huge hurdle for greater adoption, and the success stories will be those automakers who take advantage of technology advances to lower the price premiums of their vehicles.”

Dave Hurst, Pike Research senior analyst

Once again, it seems that cost remains a major factor.

Pike evaluated 16 of the leading plug-in electric vehicle manufacturers. Using its methodology, automakers are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these manufacturers’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the plug-in vehicle segment.

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