Nissan Reveals Pricing For LEAF Options: DC Fast Charger Extra, Unless You Live in Initial Launch Market

· · 10 years ago

Last week, Ray Ishak, the EV Leader and fleet sales manager for Campbell Nelson Nissan outside of Seattle, WA, gave us a nice peek into what the pricing sheet for the Nissan LEAF will look like. I've pasted the entirety below.

The pricing sheet gives would-be Nissan LEAF buyers some good insight and bargaining power by providing the invoice cost of both the base SV model ($31,393) and the upgraded SL model ($32,293). The ubiquitous destination and handling charge (at least for the Seattle market) comes to a rather standard $820. There are also a whole host of other options listed for the Seattle market including splash guards ($140), floor mats ($170; why the heck are these ALWAYS an optional item now, it irks me as much as having to pay to get my luggage on a plane), and a rather mysterious "recycling and organizational package" for $225.

A couple items that Mark Perry, Nissan's North American director of product planning and strategy, also told me would be options in cold climates didn't make it on the options list for the Seattle area. These are a heated steering wheel and seats. As Mark explained it, in many instances a driver can get away with not heating the cabin and just heating the steering wheel and seats and save quite a bit on energy usage. No word on how much these options will cost yet.

Also, one item that has caused an uproar on the internet after the revelation of these options and costs is the fact that the DC quick charge port will be optional, cost an extra $700, is only available on the upgraded SL model, and cannot be added after purchase. To clarify this option, Mark Perry also told me that the DC quick charge port will be available as a free add-on to some customers in the 5 initial launch markets of Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee. This is a direct result of money being made available by the EV Project to offset the costs of the additional equipment. The EV Project is a joint public/private venture between the U.S. Department of Energy and ECOtality that seeks to install thousands of charging stations in those initial launch markets over the next year—some of which will be DC quick charging stations.

"For those customers in the 5 DOE project launch states who meet the research criteria and are willing to participate in the study for 2 years, one of the benefits is a 'free option' for a DC fast Charger," said Perry in an email. "The option will be available to all, (in those states and across the nation) but only a small subset (5,700 LEAF owners who will participate in the research study) will have the cost subsidized by a DOE grant."

So, although most LEAF customers will need to pay extra for the DC fast charging option, a select few will get it for free.

Nissan LEAF options, pricing, features:

Nissan LEAF SV: MSRP $32,780 (mod : Invoice - $31,393)
• All-New Dedicated EV Platform
• Laminated 24 kWh Lithium Ion Battery
• 3.3 kW Onboard Charger
• Portable Trickle Charge Cable (120V)
• Standard Charge Port (240V)
• Navigation System
• Palm-Shift Drive Selector
• Regenerative Braking
• Recycled Cloth Seat Fabric
• 16” Alloy Wheels
• No Charge For 36 Months - CARWINGS (Telematics)
• No Charge For 36 Months - Roadside Assistance
• 5 Exterior Colors

Nissan LEAF SL: MSRP $33,720 (mod : Invoice - $32,293)
In addition to standard SV features, includes:
• Photovoltaic Solar Panel Spoiler
• RearView Monitor (RVM)
• Fog Lights
• Automatic On/Off Headlights
• Cargo Cover
• Homelink® Universal Transceiver

Quick Charge Option: MSRP $700 (see note above)
Available with the SL trim, this charge port on the vehicle will allow for charging to 80% capacity in 30 minutes at 440V charging stations. (This feature cannot be added after sale).

Destination & Handling: $820

Options, Accessories:

Floor Mats & Cargo Mat Area $170
B92 Splash Guards $140
M94 Recycling/Organizational Package $225
M92 Cargo Cover $290
M93 Cargo Net $20 Not available with M94 Recycling/Organizational Package
N92 Hologram Kick Plates $125 Not available with B93 Eco Design Package
B93 Eco Design Package $260 Not available with N92 Hologram Kick Plates
B94 Protection Package $225
S92 Safety Kit $75

Color Codes:

• Glacier Pearl (QX1)
• Blue Ocean (RAT)
• Brilliant Silver (K23)
• Super Black (KH3)
• Cayenne Red (NAH)

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