Nissan LEAF Price Increases by $180 for 2014

By · January 09, 2014

Nissan LEAF

Nissan yesterday announced a modest $180 increase in the starting price of the 2014 all-electric LEAF, compared to the 2013 model. The entry-level S trim is now priced at $28,900. The only change in features is the inclusion of the RearView Monitor as standard equipment on all models, where it was previously part of the “Charge Package.” There is also one new exterior color—Gun Metallic—bringing the total number of available colors to seven. (A voice command navigation system and text message reader is also now available.)

The LEAF’s SV and SL trim choices will also be offered in 2014 with a $180 increase. The LEAF SV is now priced at $32,000, and the SL at $35,020.

Nissan LEAF trim breakdown

A reminder of trim level features based on 2013 specs, which did not change for 2014.

U.S. sales of the LEAF set records in 2013—largely due to a hefty $6,400 drop in price in January 2013. Apparently, with the drop in price last year, and the establishment of very attractive $199 monthly lease packages, Nissan discovered the right market price for sales growth of its popular electric car.

“We are now on a trend of 3,000 cars a month in the US, which is about 36,000 cars" a year, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told Automotive News. "The next step is moving up to 4,000 a month, which is going to be approximately 50,000." It’s unlikely that the slight increase of $180 will impact this growth pattern. Yet, it’s uncertain how Nissan will stimulate a 30 percent increase in LEAF sales this year—beyond pushing into new markets. The LEAF will face increasing competition from new electric cars—such as the BMW i3 and Volkswagen E-Golf—hitting the market in 2014.

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