Chevy Volt Outsells Nissan LEAF in October

By · November 01, 2011

Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt outsold the Nissan LEAF in October.

In the ongoing battle for plug-in vehicle supremacy, the Nissan LEAF has lost its crown to the Chevrolet Volt. US sales of the LEAF slipped in October, allowing the Volt to grab the king-of-the-hill spot for the first time since March 2011.

Sales of the Chevy Volt continue to follow an upward trend, with October 2011 sales hitting an electrifying 1,108 units. That's a marked improvement over the 723 Volts that Chevy sold in September and nearly three times the 302 Volts that General Motors reported selling in August. Year-to-date sales of the Chevy Volt now stand at a fairly impressive 5,003 units.

Across the pond, Japanese automaker Nissan reports that sales of the all-electric LEAF sunk to 849 units in the US in October 2011. That's nearly inline with the 1,031 LEAF sales in September, but quite a bit below the 1,362 LEAFs sold by Nissan in August. From the year-to-date perspective, Nissan LEAF sales now sit at 8,048 units. That's some 3,000-plus units above the Volt's YTD mark.

Nissan expects to sell approximately 20,000 LEAFs in the US by the end of 2011, compared to half that figure for General Motors plug-in hybrid Volt. It's still far too early to determine whether the LEAF of the Volt will be the overall plug-in champ, but what's significantly more important is that the electrified vehicle segment is truly starting to heat up.

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