Nissan and GE Have Figured Out Why the WattStation Damages Some LEAFs

By · July 27, 2012

GE WallStation

Earlier this month, word broke that several Nissan LEAF owners had sustained damage to their vehicles' onboard chargers while connected to General Electric's WattStation home charging stations. At the time, GE said that 11 vehicles had been affected and that it was working with Nissan to determine the origin of the problem.

Today, GE updated the public concerning the results of its testing. recieved the following statement from GE's Sean Gannon this morning:

“Nissan and GE have completed their investigation into the instances of Nissan LEAFs experiencing on-board charging (OBC) issues when using certain EV chargers. Nissan has traced the root cause of the issue to the LEAFs OBC software that can allow damage to occur to its OBC components while using certain chargers and in certain instances, such as when a brief under voltage or blackout condition occurs. Nissan is working to address this issue as quickly as possible, and in the meantime is advising customers to avoid charging during times when brownouts or momentary power dips may be likely, such as during electrical storms or high power usage on the grid.”

It's good to have a better idea of what's causing the problem, but until Nissan fixes its software, LEAF drivers who use a WattStation at home still have reason to be concerned.

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