Mitsubishi Unveils Blackout-Inspired i-MiEV power BOX

By · March 16, 2012

Mitsubishi power BOX

Mitsubishi's power BOX turns the electric i-MiEV into a mobile electricity-generating unit.

Mitsubishi hopes to soon transform its electric i-MiEV into a mobile generator.

Mitsubishi Motors will soon offer the power BOX as an option to i-MiEV owners over in Japan. The MiEV power BOX is a compact white box that plugs into the i-MiEV's quick-charge outlet. The power BOX then pulls electricity from the vehicle's 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and converts from DC to AC. Up to 1,500 watts of juice flow through the power BOX, making it capable of powering multiple electric appliances for "five to six hours," according to Mitsubsihi.

Mitsubishi will offer the power BOX through dealers in Japan for 149,800 yen ($1,788 US at today's exchange rate). The power BOX will officially launch in Japan on April 27. Mitsubishi has not said if the portable electric unit will make its way to the US.

While the power BOX is not cheap, it seems rather useful for those who reside in areas prone to power outages, or who simply want the peace of mind of having a permanent back-up source of electricity.

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