Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicles Arrive on East Coast

By · March 05, 2012

Mitsubishi i

The first batch of Mitsubishi i electric vehicles are now on their way to dealerships throughout the eastern US.

Mitsubishi Motors officially received its first shipment of 2012 Mitsubishi i electric vehicles in the eastern US. These units, to be used as demonstration models, will be delivered to dealerships. This initial delivery of Mitsubishi i electric vehicles to the Port of Baltimore marks the east coast debut of America's most fuel-efficient four-seater.

Still, Mitsubishi sold a meager 44 i electric vehicles in the US in February. That's a negligible contribution to the EV market, although up eight units from Mitsubishi's 36 i electric vehicles sold in January. Priced at $21,625 for the entry-level ES version after the $7,500 federal tax credit, the Mitsubishi i is the most affordable and efficient mass-produced electric vehicle available to consumers, but the low production and sales numbers have registered barely a blip.

Customer and fleet deliveries of the 2012 Mitsubishi i commenced in December 2011 in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. The electric hatchback will be available nationwide by the end of this summer. Hopefully, expanded production and distribution of the Mitsubishi i will will be well-timed to meet rising demand as a result of record gas prices. The remaining question is if American consumers will adopt a subcompact EV with relatively less power and range than more capable all-electric models from Nissan, Ford and others—even as those models fight for a small share of the market.

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