Many More Nissan LEAFs Making Their Way Into Owners' Hands

· · 10 years ago

Although Nissan did make good on their promise to start delivering LEAFs by the end of 2010, there's been a significant amount of rumbling that less than 10 LEAFs were actually delivered in all of December—the first month the LEAF was available. was there for the absolute first LEAF delivery, and has since then covered some of the scant few others during the month of December. But after all the excitement of those first deliveries died down it started to feel a bit hollow given that none of the other LEAF orderers were getting notification that their cars were going to be delivered any time soon.

For Nissan LEAF orderers it also felt like a slap in the face that GM delivered more than 300 Volts in December. Given that Nissan has a stated output of 50,000 LEAFs for 2011 and GM has a stated output of about 10,000 Volts, it seemed strange that GM was beating them out of the gate. Certainly it's a long term endeavor and comparing just one month of deliveries is almost meaningless, but still, the competition for green minds and wallets is there. During the first LEAF delivery Nissan did commit to "thousands" of LEAF deliveries by the end of summer 2011, it's just a matter of how fast those cars start rolling out now.

As this first week of January opens it seems that Nissan is ready to deliver perhaps hundreds of cars in the next two weeks and has started sending out delivery confirmation emails to people who have ordered the vehicles. According to a topic thread over at the MyNissanLEAF forum, as of today, January 3, 2011, about 32 forum members have received an email telling them their vehicles will be ready to pick up within a couple of weeks—some of them as soon as the end of this week. Most of the deliveries seem to be concentrated in California at this point, which shouldn't be all that shocking given that the majority of orders have come from the sunshine state. Clearly the LEAF forum members represent a small slice of the LEAF ordering community so it can be extrapolated that if dozens of them are getting these emails, there are many more that haven't chimed in on the forum boards.

In any event, it seems that the dam has broken and now the nation's first LEAFs are starting to roll out in increasing capacity. Good news for those on the waiting list.

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