Jay Leno Drives his Chevy Volt 11,000 Miles on 4.6 Gallons of Gas

By · November 17, 2011

Jay Leno's Chevy Volt

Jay Leno's Chevy Volt consumed 4.6 gallons of gas in its first 11,000 miles.

Jay Leno has driven his Chevrolet Volt to and from his job as host of “The Tonight Show” daily since taking delivery of his Volt in December. To date, Leno's Volt has clocked more than 10,000 miles using grid energy and is still on the same tank of gas that it had when Leno took delivery of his Volt on December 12, 2010.

“I like electricity when I need it and gas when I need to use it. I travel 28 miles to the studio every day, then I go shopping, run errands, pull in the driveway; that's 40 miles or so, then I plug it in, but if I need to travel further the car is ready for that too. I’ve never had to put gas in it yet. They gave it to me with a full tank (9.3 gallons) of gas. I’ve used less than half of that.”

Jay Leno

Leno’s expansive garage includes 100-plus vehicles—all of which are maintained with a full tank of gas, current registration and valid insurance—that Leno can drive whenever he chooses. However, most of the vehicles in Leno's garage are rarely driven. That's not the case with Leno's Chevy Volt. "It’s my daily driver. It really is. I commute in it to work every day. My commute, and all my other daily running around, totals less than 35 miles.”

Why not a pure electric car? Well, as Leno believes, the Volt's extended-range setup makes it superior to EV-only cars like the Nissan LEAF:
"I mean, I could jump in it [the Chevy Volt] and drive to Vegas (a 280-mile trip from Leno's home in Burbank, CA). They say the range is something like 400 miles. The LEAF can travel roughly 100 miles before requiring a charge."

Jay Leno joins a growing list of Chevy Volt owners who will soon receive a "10,000 Electric Mile" badge from General Motors.

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