How Many Plug-in Cars Were Sold in January? 408

· · 7 years ago

We've followed the stories about the first customers for the Nissan LEAF and the first owner of the Chevy Volt.

We've monitored the reports about delays, reasons we should chill out about it, and promises that production and distribution of the first electric cars will accelerate and go nationwide.

And now, where the rubber hits the road, can report the total number of sales/leases for the Volt and LEAF, in January 2011, the first full months of sales. It's 408. That's 321 Chevy Volts and 87 Nissan LEAFs.

In December, it was 326 Volts and 19 LEAFs. So, we're making some progess. As of Jan. 31, 2011, there were 753 drivers of these electric cars on U.S. roads. Only 999,247 to go by 2015 to meet President Obama's goal.

We will report the full month of sales of not only electric cars, but hybrids and diesels in the monthly sales dashboard. The report should be ready tomorrow.

By the way, it looks like Mercedes is also reporting two sales of the B-Class F-Cell in January. That's a 100 percent increase from last month's single sale of the F-Cell electric car.

Correction: Nissan sold 19 LEAFs in Dec. 2010, not 87 as we previously posted.

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