Honda Registers First Fit EV Delivery

By · July 20, 2012

Honda Fit EV

Matt Walton received first delivery of the new 2013 Honda Fit EV at a dealership in Woodland HIlls, Calif.

Right on schedule, Honda today announced its first delivery of the Fit EV to a couple in Woodland Hills, Calif. Longtime Honda customers Matt and Becky Walton received their Fit after being first to sign up for the car on Honda's registration website (no celebrity preference here,) saying they plan to use it as their main everyday commuter vehicle.

Honda is making the car available on a lease-only basis to drivers in select markets, beginning with California and Oregon this summer and spreading to six more East Coast markets next year. Though unavailable for purchase, the EV has an official base MSRP of $36,625 ($29,125 after government incentives,) which translates to a lease price of $389 per month. The Chicago Tribune reported today that Honda is offering prospective customers free, zero-deductible collision insurance on the vehicle, which will also feature the new Hondalink infotainment system.

Though value comparisons with the standard Fit may come up a short, for Honda, the Fit EV is a part test car, part compliance model. With its limited numbers―just 1,100 units will be sold in the next two years―it should be viewed more as a sign of things to come from the automaker than a full entry into the EV market.

Still,'s Brad Berman had a good experience with the car when he got a chance to drive it in Japan last December, writing “it only took a few minutes behind the wheel to be wowed by its performance.” The Fit EV's motor is 17.5 percent more powerful than that of the Nissan LEAF, yet the car still manages to top every non-Tesla in electric efficiency with a rating of 118 MPGe. The car's 82-mile range also separates it from the pack, with the Ford Focus EV coming in at 76 miles, the LEAF at 73, and the similarly-sized Mitsubishi i carrying a range of 62 miles.

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