Google Glass Becomes Ultimate Tesla Accessory Thanks To New App

By · July 02, 2013


Glasstesla offers to link your Tesla Model S with Google Glass. Is it a good idea?

With its automatic software updates, comprehensive user-configurable settings, smartphone apps and a massive 17-inch touchscreen display, the Tesla Model S is one of the highest-tech cars available today.

Clearly for some enthusiasts however, being able to open your panoramic sunroof, unlock your doors and honk the horn via the internet just isn’t cool enough. Why use a smartphone when you can use Google Glass?

That’s apparently what software engineer and Model S fan Sahas Katta thought when he decided to bridge the gap between Google’s exclusive computerized eyewear and Tesla’s premium electric sedan.

The result is Glasstesla, a Google Glass app which lets Model S owners interact with their car wherever they are.

As Forbes reports, Glasstesla—Katta’s first app for the Google Glass platform—is based on Tesla’s own Android app for the Model S. But Katta hopes Glasstesla will soon become more, leveraging the handsfree capabilities of Google Glass.

While there’s no precedent set in legal terms as to whether the use of Glass is allowed while driving, Katta says that Glasstesla could be just as useful when you’re not at the wheel, letting you unlock your car with just a command, or open the trunk when your hands are full.

“I’m already working on it,” Katta told Forbes. “We’ll soon be able to do something along the lines of being able to say ‘OK Glass, open the trunk,’ for when you’re carrying groceries and your hands aren’t free.”

There are plenty of other uses too—including the ability to set your navigation system before you arrive at your car, check on the local weather, and of course, precondition the cabin.

Glasstesla gives us an interesting peek into the automotive world of the future, where electric cars can interact directly with both your cellphone and your eyewear. But for now, that vision exists only as an extremely exclusive app for the estimated 50 or so people who happen to own both a Tesla Model S and Google Glass.

If you’re one such person, you can go ahead and download Glasstesla now, but we have to wonder if having the ability to control your car using your glasses will be too strong an urge to resist when you're behind the wheel.

For now, we'd have to advise you to take Google Glass off before you turn your very expensive electric car on.

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