GM CEO Akerson Logs 3,000 Miles in Own Chevy Volt, Uses 1 Gallon of Gas

By · May 03, 2012

Akerson with Volt

GM CEO Akerson has driven his own Chevy Volt more than 3,000 miles, with the Volt consuming only one gallon of gas.

General Motors Chief Executive Officer, Dan Akerson, owns a Chevrolet Volt. Yes, he's an adamant proponent of the plug-in hybrid Volt, but Akerson justifies his pro-Volt stance by linking to the virtues of his own plug-in Volt.

"I drive one of them," Akerson says. "I’ve now put 3,000 miles on my car. I’ve used one gallon of gas." One gallon consumed over the course of 3,000 miles works out to, well, 3,000 miles per gallon if consumption of electricity is purposely omitted from the equation. Regardless, Akerson's Volt is a stranger to gasoline.

As for criticism of the Chevy Volt, outspoken Akerson responds: "It’s funny to me. I don’t have the luxury of seeing the world through a political prism. If you watch NBC they say it’s the greatest car ever made. You watch Fox, they say it’s the worst car ever made, and they say there have been explosions and fires. Let me give you a few facts: There’s never been a fire in a Volt. Never.

"We’ve got over six million miles on these cars today and not one fire. There are 150,000 car fires a year in the United States with combustion engines.

"It’s been caught up in this political vortex. Copernicus said the universe didn’t revolve around the earth. He was a heretic. People saw his pronouncements, because they were new and different, through the prism that was theological. I guess today’s theology is politics. Base it on the facts and you’ll find this car is one of the safest cars on the road."

With the price for a single gallon of gasoline expected to approach $5 in some US states, Akerson's solution for complaining motorists is simple: "buy a Volt."

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