Ford Expands EV Offering by Certifying 900 Dealers

By · February 08, 2013

Focus Electric

When the Ford Focus Electric launched last summer, only 67 Ford dealers across the nation were certified to sell the company's plug-in vehicle. By November, that number surpassed 200. Ford now says the number of EV Certified dealers will exceed 900 by Spring.

Ford has been repeatedly criticized for promoting the availability of its plug-in cars, but not supporting its EV efforts at the dealership level. Local dealerships, even in markets where EVs are popular, have not been informed about plug-in cars. Sales staff has not been ready to demonstrate and sell the vehicles. This announcement from Ford about the growth of certified dealers suggest that the company is getting better prepared.

What's involved in the certification process? Here are the basics listed by Ford: "Certification means the dealerships have met the automaker’s guidelines for dealers selling electric vehicles—including installation of at least two on-site charging stations (one in the service area and the other located in the customer area) and participation in highly specialized training in the field of electric vehicles."

In addition, a minimum of one Focus Electric and one C-Max Energi must be on site at all times. EV Certified dealers are the only Ford dealerships allowed to sell plug-in vehicles.

Ford also announced that it expects its three plug-in vehicles—the Focus Electric, C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi—will become available in all 50 states within the next few months.

Ford claims the increase in EV Certified dealers is a result of "increased demand for the company’s electrified vehicles."

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