How Does Ford Measure Sales Success of 2012 Focus Electric?

By · April 19, 2012

Ford Focus Electric

Ford's CEO Alan Mulally revealed that the automaker's first-year sales target for the 2012 Focus Electric is roughly 5,000 units.

Alan Mulally, Ford's chief executive officer, said the automaker’s near-term goal to double sales of electric-drive vehicles—including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and EVs—won't fall off track, even if sales of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric are lower than anticipated. This suggests that Ford will concentrate its electrification efforts on conventional hybrids rather than plug-in vehicles.

Earlier this month, Ford kicked off consumer sales of the $39,200 Focus Electric. Perhaps its relatively high price of $39,200—that's $4,000 more than the 2012 Nissan LEAF—will deter potential buyers, despite attractive features like sleek styling and a faster 6.6-kW charger.

Mulally indicated that selling fewer than 5,000 Focus Electrics by the end of 2012 would still be considered a success. "We believe that the electrification of vehicles is going to continue as the battery cost comes down, as we move to generate electricity cleanly," said Mulally at a California conference this week. "We see this as continually growing. This is a long-term journey."

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