Fisker Working on Entry-Level Chevy Volt Competitor

By · November 09, 2012

Fisker Atlantic reveal

The Fisker Karma competes against high-end offerings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The undisclosed entry-level Fisker is supposedly targeted directly at the Chevy Volt.

With the recent appointment to CEO of former Chevy Volt development leader Tony Posawatz, Fisker Automotive is apparently shifting its strategy toward a much more affordable next car, potentially targeted to compete against the Volt. Fisker had been working on a second model, called the Fisker Atlantic, to be priced well below the Karma. Last week, we learned that the Atlantic has been delayed until late 2014 or early 2015. News of the delay came on the heels of a series of problems encountered with the company's Karma model. Web reports of a third model from Fisker, coming so soon after the announcement of a delay for the Atlantic, could mean that company recognizes the critical importance of affordability, if it's going to become anything more than an ultra-niche low-volume automaker.

According to, Fisker's recent investor presentation revealed the automaker's plan for this third plug-in. This vehicle, which is only described as a P-platform model, will be the automaker's first "entry-level" offering. By entry-level, Fisker means entry-level premium segment, so figure around $40,000. That price nearly match the MSRP of the Chevy Volt.

Additionally, Fisker revealed that a new more affordable plug-in hybrid could be developed with assistance from a strategic partner. Who's this strategic partner? Well, it's mere speculation at this point, but it might be Chrysler-Fiat, which is the only major automaker currently on the sidelines when it comes to robust electric-drive vehicles.

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