Fisker Atlantic Production Could Shift to Outside US

By · April 06, 2012

Fisker Atlantic

With the DOE pulling out, production of the Fisker Atlantic could possibly shift from Delaware to a different state or even to a foreign country.

Fisker’s newly appointed chief executive officer, Tom LaSorda, recently spoke of the importance of the upcoming Fisker Atlantic. "Fisker Automotive is transitioning from a start-up automaker to a fully-fledged mainstream car manufacturer and the Atlantic is a crucial milestone in that process," said LaSorda. "We have a long way to go, but in the near future Fisker intends to deliver this exceptional American-designed, engineered, and manufactured vehicle to showrooms worldwide."

The emphasis is on worldwide.

However, it's now unclear where the Fisker Atlantic will be built. Fisker had initially intended to built the Atlantic at its facility in Wilmington, Deleware, but with the US Department of Energy possibly restricting Fisker's access to additional DOE funds, Fisker could possibly choose a different production site for the Atlantic.

As Fisker CEO Tom LaSorda recently told reporters, "The whole plan has changed. Wilmington is our primary site…but there are other options. We have to look at what's best for the company and the shareholders."

A final decision of the production site for the Fisker Atlantic will likely be made public by the end of summer. If Wilmington is chosen, then production could begin almost immediately.

But with Fisker not receiving funds from the DOE since May of 2011, the automaker is open to select a location outside of the US to build the Atlantic.

"We are looking at other strategic partnerships. Everything is possible. We will make this car with or without the DOE," said executive chairman and co-founder Henrik Fisker.

The DOE funds previously awarded to Fisker went towards development of the Fisker Karma, as well as design, engineering, development and testing of the Fisker Atlantic. The DOE has reportedly not loaned Fisker any specific funds to manufacture the Atlantic in the US.

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