Fiat 500e News

By Zach McDonald ·
December 07, 2012

Fiat and Nissan Spar Over EV Aesthetics

Fiat’s director of product marketing, Matt Davis, took an implied shot at the LEAF earlier this week at a launch event for the Fiat 500e. "Let's be honest, ugliness is probably one of the worst forms of pollution," said Davis. "The Fiat 500e proves that you do not have to give up on good looks to deliver an electric car." Simon Sproule, Nissan’s head of global marketing, counterpunched a day later. "Let's face it. Fiat has not shied away from controversial styling themselves,” he said.

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By Eric Loveday ·
November 29, 2012

All-Electric Fiat Debuts at LA Auto Show

Fiat yesterday unveiled an all-electric version of its iconic 500 subcompact at the LA Auto Show. The 500e, every bit as cute as the gas-powered Fiat 500, will use a 24 kilowatt-hour liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack, providing an estimated 80 miles of range under typical driving conditions. Fiat claims that range jumps to 100 miles if used solely for city driving. Power is delivered via a 111-horsepower 83-kilowatt electric motor.

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By Eric Loveday ·
August 23, 2012

Electric Fiat 500E Comes Closer to Production, in 2013

The electric Fiat 500 has been spotted on public roads in near-production form. It now seems certain that the vehicle, formerly known as the Fiat 500 BEV, will launch in 2013. The price, not yet announced, will have to be set very low to compete in the EV market.

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