February Electric Car Deliveries Are Down

· · 9 years ago

Despite all the anticipation, advertising and planning, the number of electric cars delivered to customers was down in February compared to last month. Weren't we supposed to be ramping up? Is it a big deal or minor detail?

The official February tally for Chevy Volt sales was 281, the lowest month so far. In January, Chevy sold 321 units and in December the number was 326—so the number of deliveries is showing a consistent downward trend.

Nissan LEAF deliveries are telling a similar story. Nissan sold 19 units in December, the first month of reported sales. That bumped up to 87 in January, but is back down to 67 in February.

The grand total for plug-in cars in February is 348, down from 410 in January.

Of course, this is all about logistics related to production and shipping, rather than consumer interest. It can't be easy to align all the necessary resources and logistics to quickly ramp up production, and we should be forgiving of General Motors and Nissan, as they work through the kinks.

My personal LEAF has been pushed back from April to May. I'm fine with that. But will the patience and good will of EV enthusiasts be pushed to the breaking point before customers receive their highly anticipated plug-in cars?

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