Audi Cancels Two Plug-In Vehicle Projects

By · June 08, 2012

Audi A1 e-tron

Audi e-tron

Audi has apparently pulled the plug on its pending electric vehicle projects. CAR Magazine reports that Audi cancelled its electric A2 and A1 e-tron. CAR says that Audi had concerns about high projected price tags as the main reason for axing two of its pending plug-in vehicles.

The electric Audi A2 concept made its worldwide debut in 2011. The premium-priced urban commuter was to feature an 85-kW, 199 pound-feet electric motor and would supposedly boast a range of up to 125 miles. Audi had set 2015 as the electric A2's potential launch date, but now has decided that the pint-sized A2 electric couldn't realistically sell in volume at its projected price of €40,000 ($49,7620 US).

Similarly, it seems the A1 e-tron has met the same fate. CAR Magazine reporting that production of the overly complex vehicle is no longer in Audi's future plans.

The A1 e-tron featured a Wankel rotary ranger-extending engine and boasted an electric-only range of up to 31 miles. However, Audi determined that production of the complicated system, combined with a potential lack of demand for expensive superminis meant that the A1 e-tron was too much of an investment risk.

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