Edmunds Embraces EVs by Putting 9 EVs Through Range Test

By · January 29, 2013

Historically, mainstream automotive magazines and websites have been slow to accept pure electric cars as a legitimate technology. That is changing, as evidenced by Edmunds.com recently gathering nine electric cars for a drive along a standard 105.5 mile test loop.

Video of EV range test produced by Edmunds.com.

“With most of these cars, this is just a first step for each of the company’s electrification [program],” said Edmunds’s Automotive Editor James Riswick. “In many ways, this is a first step for us too at Edmunds, because this lays the groundwork for future electric car testing.” The auto website plans to continue using the real-world loop—at 8 am morning traffic in Southern California, with an average speed of 29.5 miles per hour—as new all-electric models hit the market.

The list of tested vehicles included: Tesla Model S, Toyota RAV4 EV, BMW ActiveE, Coda EV Sedan, Honda Fit EV, Ford Focus BEV, a VW Golf EV prototype, 2011 Nissan Leaf, and a Mitsubishi i MiEV.

Edmunds EV Range Test Results

The range for electric cars, as tested by Edmunds.com.

The results showed that without much trouble, all of the vehicles can beat EPA estimates for driving range. In the case of the Toyota RAV4 EV, the real-world range was 144.5 miles, compared to an estimated range of just 103 miles.

Regardless of the results, the fact that Edmunds has established a benchmark for future EV range testing is itself a milestone: electric cars are perhaps one step closer to mainstream acceptance.

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