Coulomb Ships 2,400th Charging Station Under ChargePoint America Program

By · April 12, 2012

Coulomb charging stations

Coulomb Technologies has shipped more than 2,400 no-cost charging stations to commercial and residential customers across the US.

Coulomb Technologies reports that it has now shipped more than 2,400 public and commercial charging stations under its $37-million ChargePoint America program.

The ChargePoint America program is partially funded by a $15-million grant distributed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and administered by the US Department of Energy.

Coulomb’s ChargePoint America program will eventually provide up to 4,500 charging stations to participants in 10 regions across the US: Austin/San Antonio, Texas, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando/Tampa, Sacramento, San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Redmond/Bellevue, WA, Washington DC/Baltimore, Southern Michigan (including the cities of Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit).

The program is a strategic partnership with Coulomb Technologies, Ford, Chevrolet, Smart, BMW, Nissan and Fisker Automotive involved. The program aims to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the US.

In the ChargePoint America program, any purchaser of an eligible vehicle (Chevrolet Volt, Ford Transit Connect Electric, Ford Focus Electric, BMW ActiveE, Nissan LEAF, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive or Fisker Karma) who resides in one of the ten regions listed above is likely eligible to receive a Coulomb home-charging station at no cost.

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