Coda Electric Sedan to Make Showroom Debut in February, Sales to Follow

By · January 02, 2012

Coda Sedan

Coda aims to sells its electric Sedan through a dealership in San Diego starting in February.

Coda Automotive, maker of the electric $39,900 Coda Sedan, has named Marvin K. Brown Auto Center as its exclusive dealership in San Diego County, Calif. The retailer is expected to be the first in the nation to sell the 2012 Coda sedan starting in February. The Coda Sedan features a 36-kWh battery pack and boasts an estimated range of up to 150 miles.

David Grundstrom, chief executive officer of Marvin K. Brown Auto center, released this statement, "It's clear San Diegans are increasingly interested in zero-emission vehicles and the Coda sedan will resonate with the local community."

Coda Automotive opened its first "brand experience center" in Los Angeles' upscale Century City community in August and started signing a handful of dealers in late November. As of Nov. 28, Phil Murtaugh, Coda's chief executive officer, claimed that Coda had officially signed contracts to sell its electric sedan at five dealerships in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Honolulu. Sales should commence in the next couple of months, but the Coda sedan's lofty price tag and unproven quality could hinder its success.

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