Volt Sales Simmer in November 2012, LEAF Stays Steady

By · December 03, 2012


Sales of the Chevy Volt dropped off in November 2012, with General Motors reporting it sold 1,519 units. That's roughly half the 2,961 units GM sold in October 2012—and more than 1,300 units shy of the 2,851 Volts sold in September 2012.

Volt sales have been relatively high most of the year with GM selling 2,831 units in August; 1,849 units in July; and 1,760 units in June. The upward trend was not sustained in November, but if we flip the calendar back to a year ago, we discover that sales are better than a year ago when General Motors sold only 1,139 Chevy Volts.

Nissan reported that sales of its electric LEAF checked in at a solid 1,539 units in November, nearly identical to October's 1,579 sales. Sales of the LEAF have continued to rebound—at least compared to the 984 units sold in September and 685 in August. In fact, last month's sales represent a 129 percent increase over the 672 LEAFs Nissan sold in November 2011.

In terms of 2012 year-to-date numbers, the tally for the Nissan LEAF now checks in at 8,330 units. Meanwhile, the 2012 YTD results for the Chevy Volt ring in at 20,828 units. Last year at this time, General Motors' year-to-date Volt sales stood at 6,142 units—so 2012 has proven a growth year for the Volt. However, this year's LEAF sales have failed to keep pace with last year, when Nissan sold 8,720 units.

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