Lists Chevy Volt as One of "Top 10 Under-Appreciated Cars and Trucks"

By · May 11, 2012

Chevy Volt recently listed the Chevy Volt as one of the ten most under-appreciated vehicles available today. recently named the Chevrolet Volt as one of its "Top 10 Under-Appreciated Cars and Trucks."

Though the Chevy Volt is no stranger to awards and accolades, this latest honor seems fitting, if a bit unexpected. The technological marvel that is the Chevy Volt will most likely be under-appreciated forever. Few understand how complex the Volt actually is and only a fraction of the US population will drive this revolutionary vehicle.

A vehicle — especially one as complex and different as the Chevy Volt — must be driven for an extended period of time to be truly appreciated. executive editor, Joe Wiesenfelder, wrote this of the Chevy Volt:

"All plug-in cars are expensive, but so are luxury vehicles, and the reasons for driving both prove to be surprisingly similar. As owners, we know the Volt has downsides, as all cars do, and we accept that they're deal-breakers for some shoppers. But Volt resistance seems to be more about partisan pretzel logic and safety misperceptions than about the car itself. GM's sales expectations were too high, but the Volt definitely deserves more success than it's seen so far."

The engineering behind the Chevy Volt will go mostly unnoticed by the general public. But nonetheless, General Motors should be commended for its decision to develop a vehicle that, at least for a brief period of time, was unlike any other.

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