Calling All Electric Cars: The Biggest EV Parade Ever

By · September 06, 2011

Everyone loves a parade, especially an EV parade!

To celebrate National Plug In Day on October 16, Plug In America , Sierra Club, and Electric Auto Association are sponsoring EV celebrations around the country. Here in Santa Monica, we are having a parade, and this post is a call for any drivers of highway-capable electric cars and bikes to join us.

I am in charge of getting plug in vehicles in our parade. How’d that happen? This is not the first EV parade, but we want it to be the biggest.

Alexandra Paul and her Volt

I'll be at the Santa Monica EV parade with my Volt.

In January 2009, Plug In America organized the Inaugural Parade West, to celebrate the new president’s commitment to putting plug-in vehicles on the road. Seventy-eight vehicles—including Tesla Roadsters, Toyota RAV4 EVs, several brands of motorcycles and dirt bikes, a converted Hummer, a plug in hybrid bus, the Balqon truck—it hauls 60,000 pounds at the Port of LA—were festooned with flowers, flags, posters and signs proclaiming how many gas free miles each had gone. That parade was the biggest convocation of battery powered vehicles in the world, but less than three years later we now have thousands of Chevy Volts and Nissan LEAFs on the road. The Fisker Karma has begun to ship, and orders can be made for the Coda Electric Sedan. Why not aim for more than 150 vehicles for this first National Plug In Day celebration?

2009 EV Parade
2009 EV Parade

Scenes from the 2009 parade.

Be There

The Los Angeles parade begins at 10 am from the Santa Monica Civic Center along Main Street, but the program begins at 9:30 am with a short talk by Chris Paine, director of Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car. Drivers will be asked to arrive at 8 am, but you will not be bored. You’ll have a blast checking out all other electric vehicles and chatting with folks who are as enthusiastic about their cars as you are.

Please email me if you have an EV to drive in the Santa Monica parade. A couple hours of hangin’ out with passionate advocates and other early adopters. What could be funnerer?

If you live closer to Orange County, email Linda Nicholes to take part in the "Tailgate without Tailpipes Meet-up and Drive-away" at the Orange Library that afternoon.

If you live farther away, but still want to celebrate electric vehicles, go to Let’s show the world the beauty of driving faster, smoother, cheaper and cleaner!

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