BRUSA Introduces First 22-kW On-Board Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles

By · September 07, 2012

BRUSA on-board charger

It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle with this 22-kW on-board fast charger, claims BRUSA.

Later this month, BRUSA Elektronik AG will become the first firm to introduce an on-board charging system that operates on three-phase current of up to 22 kilowatts. As a results, BRUSA says its system, called NLG6, will allow electric vehicle—one with about 80 miles of range—to fully charge in approximately one hour, without the need for a specialized DC charging infrastructure.

"It was a big challenge to increase the power of our chargers by six times and not overly exceed the dimensions of standard chargers. We believe that through the immense reduction of the charging time, the acceptance of emobility will noticeably change," says Philipp Matt, head of engineering at BRUSA."

The real breakthrough for the NLG6, according to BRUSA, lies in its ability to move nearly all of the expensive and complex charging components to a location within the vehicle, rather than to rely on a cost-intensive quick-charging infrastructure. By shifting to a 22-kW on-board setup, BRUSA claims that most homes throughout Europe are already equipped (400 volts and 32 amps) to charge electric vehicles in one to two hours. In theory, this means that buyers of electric vehicles equipped with the NLG6 will need not look any further than their own homes to take advantage of the benefits of quick charging.

However, the electrical service of many homes and businesses in the United States would need to be upgraded, at additional owner expense, to accommodate the increased power load. And carmakers will need to design vehicle systems and install the onboard charger before consumers could take advantage of fast charging times.

BRUSA says that vehicles from a "major European automaker" will be equipped with the NLG6 and become available to the public by the end of 2012.

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