Bosch Tries to Undercut Cost of Home Electric Car Chargers

By · May 11, 2013

The equipment needed to charge your electric vehicle at home is getting less expensive. Robert Bosch GmbH this week introduced an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that starts at less than $450—although recommended 30-amp units cost between $600 and $750. The Power Max, the brand name for the EVSE, will begin shipping in early June.

“Because most of the incentives available to offset the costs of purchasing an installing residential Level 2 charging stations are expiring, we believe it’s critical to maintain momentum towards Level 2 by offering high-quality but lower-cost charging solutions to our customer,” said Tanvir Arfi, President, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions in a statement.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is the former SPX Service Solutions, which Bosch acquired in December 2012.

The Power Max will provide Level 2 240V charging in 16 or 30 amp models with a cord length of up to 25 feet. It is UL-certified in both the U.S. and Canada. It has a NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor usage and includes a cord breakaway system and non-live current wire.

According to Bosch, the different choices and prices are: 16A, 12’ cord for $449; 30A 18’ cord for $593; 30A 25’ cord $749.

The rule of thumb in the EVSE world is that if you want to get a decent amount of additional range –say 30 miles in an hour of charging—at least 30 amps is recommended.

Installation of an EVSE can be daunting, involving the proper electric service and location. Purchase of a Power Max includes a free Trained Vehicle Charging Advisor who does on-site cost estimation, then works with the customer on installation and inspection. The Advisor will also help you find applicable rebates. Installation services include a three-year limited product warranty, all permitting, and multiple rebate paperwork filing.

Until now, EV owners have needed to spend around $1,000 before installation on a capable and durable EVSE. There are already at least a dozen EVSE manufacturers. Popular models in that price range include the Clipper Creek CS-40 at $1,750, and the Aerovironment EVSE RS-Plugin at $1,049.
Bosch is injecting a new level of competition into the home charging market.

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