Bosch Offers Wireless Electric Car Charging Unit for $3,000

By · June 10, 2013

Plugless Power

Are you willing to pay nearly seven times more for a home electric car charger—to have the convenience of wireless charging versus needing to plug in?

Plugless Power

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is betting that you and other EV drivers will make the trade up to wireless. The company today announced an offer to install wireless charging for owners of the Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF, starting at around $3,000.

This follows an announcement a few weeks ago about the Bosch Power Max home charging, a plug-in system that costs a mere $449. Why would EV drivers want to shell out so much more for wireless? “The main reason is convenience,” Kevin Mull, vice president of business development at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions told PluginCars. “We think this is a very viable future technology and over time, with advancements in technology, the price will start to come down.”

Evatran Group Inc. will supply the Level 2 240-volt wireless charging unit. The cost, which varies depending on the cost of connecting the home electrical unit to the charger, includes the wall unit, the surface floor charger, the adapter on the vehicle, and installation, said Mull. It also includes post-installation support.

For now, the wireless charging only works with Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, said Mull. “When you look at where the volume is, over time it has been the Volt and the LEAF,” he said.

Adapting the wireless charging for other models is “in development,” said Mull, but “I can’t put a specific date on availability for other models.”
Bosch chose to partner with Evatran because it was farthest along with its wireless charging technology, said Mull. Bosch has been testing the Evatran wireless charging on several vehicles at its Warren, Mich. facility, he said, and were pleased with its performance.


Bosch also is offering financing for installation of any Bosch home charging unit—wired or wireless. The options are $0 down with no monthly payments for 12 months if repaid in full in 12 months for charging stations of $1,000 and above; and a $0 down, five-year 2.99% loan on charging stations of $3,500 or above including installation.

The financing will help make wireless charging affordable for those who want to try it, said Mull. It should also be attractive to help cover installation costs on corded units, said Mull. That typically adds up to $600 to the cost of a charging unit, he said. “We have done over 6,000 installations and the cost is all over the map,” he said.

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