Blink Offers Three Printable Notices for ICEd Plug-In Vehicles

By · October 29, 2012

Blink ICEd notice

Long-time EV drivers are quite familiar with the term "ICEd," which refers to an internal combustion engined vehicle parked in a spot dedicated for plug-ins. Now, the Blink Network of electric car charging is trying to introduce the term to the new wave of EV drivers.

Blink has created three printable notices (PDF: 556 kb) that can be left under the windshield wiper of the offender's vehicle. These notices poke fun at the issue. If "You have ICEd* me!" isn't forward enough, then perhaps Blink's to-the-point notice of "You obviously know nothing about electric vehicles" is the one for you.

Blink ICEd notice

Earlier this month, Blink announced that it has surpassed one million EV residential charge events on its Blink Chargers.

By all accounts, the ICEing problem is a rare issue, and the creation of printed notices is more about publicity for Blink than anything else. After all, how many people will really print out the forms, when first of all, 90 percent or more of EV charging takes place at home, and it's extremely rare to see all EV charging spots occupied in any one location? Nonetheless, if you are ever ICEd, then you might be more likely now to take action by leaving your own note—perhaps using even more potent language—on the offending gas vehicle's windshield.

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