Aptera Will Give New Financial Details at April Press Conference

· · 10 years ago

In November, prolonged boardroom infighting over design and financial issues led to hiatuses for Aptera founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony. Word is that executives were divided over whether to begin building and selling their eye-catching Aptera 2 one by one, or to continue redesigning and working out production issues. Funding is believed to have dried up, with new CEO Paul Wilbur failing to bring in any new investors during his first year on the job. And so, the start-up that had been the darling of the auto blogs for the past two years went quiet for few months, presumably to retool their car, rethink their business plan and find new sources of capital.

That silence is about to come to an end next month, when Aptera will hold a press conference updating us on its financial situation. Word is also expected on the status of a government loan application for up to $75 million, which could end up making the difference between Aptera bringing a product to market or becoming another footnote in auto startup history. The press conference will take place April 14th at McLellan-Palomar Airport in San Diego. (Via Edmunds)

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