An Alternative Way To Charge a LEAF: By Getting Towed

By · May 25, 2011

Dutch LEAF in tow

When a Dutch LEAF-driver named Vincent didn’t have enough juice to return in time for his three-year-old daughter’s birthday, he got a tow from a friend behind a CNG-powered Toyota Tundra.

Lo and behold, he discovered that his LEAF charged right up while getting towed—by keeping the LEAF in D, and lightly applying the regenerative braking system. “When you brake, you see it’s charging like crazy,” said Vincent. In other words, he robbed the propulsion energy from the Tundra. The YouTube video is priceless. (Don't forget to turn on English subtitles.)

While the computer at first was tricked—and indicated 73 kilometers of range added in 10 minutes of towing, it turned out to add just 3 km. But of course the icing on the cake for Vincent was sharing a piece of birthday cake with his daughter.

Given the ad graphics at the end of the YouTube video, it all appears to be a publicity stunt—but fun nonetheless. (Tip of the hat to Remco, another Dutch LEAF driver).

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