350Green Installs its First Quick-Charge Station in California

By · April 10, 2012

350Green charging stations

350Green requires users to pre-purchase a $21 payment card from its website to use the quick-charge station for three 30-minute sessions.

350Green, a developer of electric vehicle charging station networks, unveiled its first-ever public-use DC quick charge station in the state of California. However, the quick charger—located at the Stanford Shopping Center—is not free to use. In fact, 350Green charges a rather substantial $21 for three 30-minute charging sessions. Additionally, 350Green requires users to pre-purchase the $21 payment card from its website.

More DC quick charge stations are coming soon. 350Green plans to install 24 additional public-use quick chargers at retail locations throughout the Bay Area by the end of 2012. The 50-kW chargers are manufactured by Efacec USA and are compliant with IEC 61851-1 and CHAdeMO standards.

In addition, NRG's eVgo Network will install approximately 55 DC quick chargers as a result of the NRG settlement with the California Public Utilities Commission, and 20 DC quick chargers are expected from Ecotality as part of the EV project. Three years from now, there could be more than 100 DC quick chargers running in the Bay Area. At this stage, the locations for these chargers have not been determined, and we don't know how much coordination there will be between the competing charging companies.

The 350Green chargers will be partially funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District under its "Spare the Air" program. This program focuses on making electric vehicles a viable option for residents of the Bay Area.

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