2010 Green Drive Expo: Chelsea Sexton's Keynote Q&A Session

· · 9 years ago

At last weekend's inaugural San Francisco Bay Area Green Drive Expo, roughly 3,000 visitors got a chance to see and drive new hybrid and electric vehicles from several major automakers—as well as learn about plug-ins first-hand, from the people who have been driving and advocating for them for years.

One of those people is Chelsea Sexton, star of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and plug-in advocate extraordinaire. As a contributor to Plugincars.com, Chelsea has informed us on several of the more essential points of EV adoption in the past. But at the Green Drive Expo, we got to see her in full educator mode—answering questions from a variety of perspectives and levels of familiarity with plug-ins.

The topics ranged from charging infrastructure to how much pollution an EV actually generates. When will there be fully-electric vehicles with a 300-mile range? What's the biggest threat to EV adoption? Will hydrogen-powered cars ever make an impact in the market? For the answers to those questions and many more, check out video from Chelsea's keynote Q&A session, "Dawn of a New EV Era," below:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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