Volkswagen Promises Trio of EVs in 2013

· · 7 years ago

Volkswagen made some major announcements on the plug-in car front this week. The German carmaker confirmed that it will follow through on its promise to release at least two EVs by 2013—in fact, there will be three.

First, there's the E-Up! electric city car, which will be two-door small car with roughly 130 miles of range and a quick-charging battery that will reach 80 percent of capacity in about an hour. The car will be Volkswagen's first major electric vehicle release and is already slated to go sale in markets around the world (including the U.S. and China) in early 2013.

There's also the electrified version of VW's best-selling model, the Golf. Volkswagen says that 500 electric Golfs have already been produced and are currently being tested. The company will expand that to a 5000-car test fleet in the near future. Volkswagen also plans to bring an electric Jetta to market in the same year, though no details about the car have yet been released.


· Sell Car (not verified) · 5 years ago

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· Mark Davies _ UK (not verified) · 5 years ago

I personally cannot wait for the E-UP to arrive in a showroom near me for I will be test-driving it as soon as possible. Can't wait to wave goodbye to petrol and old technology.

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